MALIK: Create your NFT pixel art in the real world with our Just Tile(s) tile bundles!

Créez votre pixel art NFT dans le monde réel avec nos lots de carreaux Just Tile(s) ! - Pixel Corner

Welcome to Pixel Corner, your favorite destination for pixel art and DIY street art mosaics! Today, let's dive into the exciting world of pixel art NFTs and discover how you can transform them from non-tangible to tangible work of art with our collection of Just Tile(s) recycled glass mosaic tiles. .

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have revolutionized the world of digital art, offering a new way to own and value unique works of art. Pixel art, with its distinct and recognizable aesthetic, has quickly established itself as one of the most popular genres in the NFT space. Imagine owning a unique piece of digital art, represented in pixel form, that can be traded and collected on online marketplaces. There you are, you are in possession of an NFT.

Go from Screen to Reality: our sets of Just Tile(s) transform your Non-Tangible Tokens into Tangible Works of Art

At Pixel Corner, we believe that pixel art deserves to be experienced in the real world too. That's why we created the Just Tile(s) series, a collection of mosaic tiles available in 2 tile sizes. The Classic size and its 2.3 x 2.3 cm tiles and the Mini size and its 1.2 x 1.2 cm tiles. These 2 product ranges are available in 13 similar colors, allowing you to reproduce all our designs with different final dimensions depending on where you want to hang your “Real NFT”. Think about our Just Tile(s) hardware , you can bring your pixel art NFTs to life by transforming them into magnificent wall works.

How it works ?

It's simple ! Choose your favorite pixel art NFT and use it as a template to create your own mosaic with our Just Tile(s) . Then select your desired tile size Classic 2.3cm or Mini 1.2cm and don't forget to complete your basket with our professional interior and exterior fixing glue and our assembly grid or even fixing material . Once completed, your artwork will be a tangible and unique representation of your pixel art NFT, ready to be proudly displayed in your home or favorite space.

Explore the depths of your Creativity!

With Just Tile(s) from Pixel Corner, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a digital art enthusiast, an NFT collector, or simply someone who appreciates the aesthetic of pixel art, our mosaic kits allow you to create unique works of art that reflect your style and personality.

Transform your Pixel Art NFTs into Real Works of Art with Pixel Corner's Just Tile(s) tile bundles

Don't let your pixel art NFTs stay only on your screen! With Just Tile(s) from, you can transform them into beautiful, tangible works of art that will enrich your living space and captivate the attention of everyone who sees them. Explore our collection today and let your creativity run wild!

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