Our CSR and Zero Carbon Commitments

At Pixel Corner all our kits are assembled by hand to order in our small Audonian workshop in the Paris suburbs. We pay particular attention to the customer experience as well as the quality and impact of our materials and our printing. Each kit is packaged in a printed, resistant, recyclable and reusable box meeting FSC forest protection standards.

Uses of the FSC brand | Forest Stewardship Council

Our mosaic tiles are made from high quality recycled glass from leftovers from other industries and colored with inorganic pigments of natural origin (calcified minerals). The result are mosaic tiles with intense colors and a smooth texture that is pleasing to the senses, both visually and to the touch. Unalterable over time, they resist temperature variations in order to be able to stick your works indoors and outdoors.

Our glue , resistant to water and weather, allows easy and precise use, while being odorless and non-toxic with zero formaldehyde. It rinses easily with warm water and soap and can be recycled.

Our printing, flyers and packaging are primarily made on recycled and recyclable paper. We are constantly working to improve our supports in order to find the balance between quality and price with the aim of reducing our daily carbon footprint as much as possible. And for all this, we make a financial commitment by fully offsetting the carbon footprint of our deliveries through the financial support of innovative companies that remove carbon from the air.

Together we were able to:

  • Remove over a thousand cubic meters of carbon from the atmosphere. 
  • Enabling carbon neutral shipping for all of our orders since September 2023.

Here's how it works: For each order we receive, an algorithm calculates the estimated emissions linked to transport based on parameters such as weight, distance, etc. Based on these estimates, a portion of our revenue is directly donated to carbon removal companies that have been selected by the NGO's scientists CarbonDirect . They then use this money to eliminate the corresponding amount of carbon created by our shipments. All additional funds are dedicated to developing new cutting-edge carbon removal technologies.

Discover the projects:


Direct air capture technology developed by start-up Heirloom improves the carbon mineralization process. It accelerates the speed at which natural minerals capture CO₂ in order to promote faster and less energy-consuming air regeneration.

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The Remora company manages to capture CO₂ from the exhaust pipes of semi-trailers while they are driving, it compresses it for long-term storage.

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The company Charm specializes in capturing CO₂ using plant waste, converting it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid and storing it safely deep underground, out of reach of forest fires and soil erosion.

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