The pleasure of giving an original gift - the Pixel Art Kit

Offer the Pixel Art Kit from Pixel Corner, the activity combining creativity and pop culture. For fans of films, music, contemporary art or even retro video games, take the lucky person on an artistic experience far from the screens.

Our simple instructions and quality materials guarantee assured success for young and old alike.

Giving a pixel art kit is much more than just a gift. Discover how this kit can bring hours of fun and inspiration to those who receive it.

Opportunities to give

Birthday, housewarming, retirement, celebration of life's small victories, Christmas, certificate, baccalaureate... all occasions are good to offer an original gift and make an impression.

The Pleasure of Giving

What could be more gratifying than seeing your face light up with joy when you give a unique and original gift? A pixel art kit embodies this very idea. It’s an invitation to explore a colorful universe where every pixel counts.

The Pleasure of Exploring

With a pixel art kit, the adventure begins as soon as you open the box. The possibilities are endless: create retro video game characters with gloomies, aliens or even tinys.

Relaxation and Concentration

Offering a pixel art kit also means offering a moment of relaxation and concentration. By carefully assembling each little colorful square, you leave daily stress behind to immerse yourself in a relaxing and immersive activity far from screens.

A Shared Passion

Whether solo or in a group, pixel art brings together enthusiasts of all ages. It’s about encouraging the sharing of a common passion, and creating unforgettable memories around creativity and art.