Késako: Pixel Corner’s Eco-Tiles?

Késako: les Eco-Carreaux de Pixel Corner ? - Pixel Corner

At Pixel Corner, we use a mosaic from a high quality recycled glass coming from leftovers from other industries and colored by inorganic pigments of natural origin (calcified minerals) . The result are mosaic tiles with intense colors and a smooth texture that is pleasing to the senses, both visually and to the touch.

To produce it, our partner uses a completely clean and environmentally friendly production system, with minimal water consumption. The ovens are electric, so no gas is emitted into the atmosphere, and the pigments used are of natural origin (minerals). The result is a 100% recyclable and ecological product, offering high added value.

The manufacturing process follows an environmental management system and a quality system, internationally certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, which guarantee professionalism and experience in the manufacturing and design of ecological mosaics.

we love mosaic

Each mosaic is unique, original, imperfect and exclusive . Each piece tells a story, an experience and is meant not only to be observed, but also to be touched, to appreciate its texture and the beauty of handmade work.

Discover our lots of large format tiles here (2.3cm) and our small format tiles here (1.2cm)

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