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NFTs (non-fungible tokens or non-fungible tokens in French) are unique and tamper-proof digital assets used to represent objects of art, real estate, musical recordings, etc.

NFTs are often associated with pixels because they can easily be used to create or depict digital artwork. A photo or even an animation are - basically - all built from pixels. Pixel is also a rather accessible form of digital art and conducive to creativity compared to advanced CAD tools.

The genre has evolved a lot since the first computer screens. Recently video games like Minecraft or NFTs have even popularized a new style of 3D pixels called “Voxels”. NFTs also allow artists to sell unique digital versions of their works, and link other digital assets such as wallpapers, musical recordings, etc. to them.

Popularized by the commercial success of CryptoPunks, Pixel NFTs have become increasingly popular in the world of digital art. They allow artists to promote their digital work in a significant way and to control the conditions of sale of their works throughout the chain (resale and secondary art market). NFTs are also important to collectors because they offer proof of ownership and authenticity of a digital artwork.

In summary, NFT Pixels are often used by established (or not) artists to represent digital works of art constructed from pixels. They thus make it possible to promote digital work by adding a unique and tamper-proof virtual signature.

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