How to Make Pixel Art Drawing? Tools and Tutorial to Get Started Easily

Comment Faire du Dessin en Pixel Art ? Outils et Tutoriel pour Démarrer Facilement - Pixel Corner

Explore the Fusion between Creativity and Nostalgia!

In today's dynamic and digital artistic universe, Pixel Art is emerging as a captivating form of visual expression for new generations, while maintaining a retro side. Inspired by video games from the 80s and 90s, Pixel Art blends nostalgia and false simplicity, giving artists a unique digital canvas to express their imagination.

The Lure of Pixel Art

The charm of Pixel Art lies in its simplicity and its unique aesthetic similar to Pantone. Individual pixels add a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of classic video games and early computer graphics. However, despite its vintage feel, Pixel Art remains incredibly versatile, allowing artists to create an endless range of works, from depicting colorful landscapes to hyper-detailed portraits, and even captivating animations.

SF pixel art

How to Draw Pixel Art Easily: Mini Tutorial

Getting started with Pixel Art drawing is easier than you think. Here is a mini tutorial to help you get started simply with a grid sheet and markers:

  1. Select suitable materials : To start, make sure you have a sheet of squared paper and markers of different colors on hand ( find a squared sheet to print at the bottom of this article ) Fine-tipped markers are ideal for precise work.
  2. Choose your design : Before you begin, decide on the design you want to create in Pixel Art. You can choose something simple like a fruit, a video game character, or a landscape scene. Get inspiration by browsing the web or use images from our Pixel Art Kits as a template.
  3. Transfer your pattern to the grid sheet : Use the squares on the grid sheet as a reference to reproduce your pattern. Each square will represent a pixel in your Pixel Art drawing. If you are unsure, you can use a pencil to lightly sketch your design on the grid before moving on to the markers.
  4. Color your drawing pixel by pixel : Once your pattern is sketched, start coloring each individual square with the markers. Make sure you stick to your sketch to maintain consistency in your drawing.
  5. Add details and shadows : For a more realistic effect, you can add details and shadows by using darker shades of color or crossing the felt lines to create textures.
  6. Finish and admire your creation : Once you have colored all the pixels of your Pixel Art drawing, step back and admire your creation! You have just created your first work in Pixel Art.

draw pixel art with markers

Pixel Art Tools

To create Pixel Art, artists use various specialized software tools, such as Photoshop, Aseprite, or free online programs like Piskel. These tools offer specific features tailored to creating Pixel Art, such as the ability to zoom to work on tiny details, limited color palettes for a consistent aesthetic, and symmetry features for increased precision.

Aseprite drawing

Pixel Art in Mosaic Tiles

To go further, you can create a decorative work of art for your interiors using real mosaic tiles . At Pixel Corner , we are big fans of Pixel Art and StreetArt, so, in addition to offering Pixel Art Kits with already predefined designs, we also offer you all the materials to create your own work. Follow the tutorial to obtain an almost professional result with ease!

Pixel Corner Collection

The Pixel Art Community

Pixel Art benefits from a dynamic and passionate community. Online forums, social networks and dedicated events allow artists to share their creations, exchange advice and inspire each other. This collaborative community encourages growth and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Pixel Art.

pixel art by Pejac

In summary, Pixel Art offers a unique fusion of retro and modern, captivating both art lovers and those nostalgic for classic video games. With its simplicity and versatility, Pixel Art is accessible to anyone who wants to explore their digital creativity. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, dive into the world of Pixel Art and let your imagination come to life pixel by pixel. Use our pixel art templates to download or create your own mosaic work to share your passion!

A4 Pixel Art Grid to Print:

A4 Grid Pixel Art Template PixelCorner

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