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Since the first computers equipped with a screen, pixel art has been one of the first ways to draw on a computer. The artists work point by point to create images that are often very impressive.

Very popular on computers in the 80s and 90s, pixel art has remained anchored in geek culture as a tool for illustration, expression, or simply art. Whether with millions of pixels or a few dozen, pixel artists will never stop surprising us.

One of the most recent and prominent examples of pixel art in popular culture is undoubtedly the Nyan cat. This little cat, almost inseparable from the music that generally accompanies it, comes from a creation by the illustrator Chris Torres.

It comes from a well-known joke among physicists: if you hang a piece of buttered toast on a cat's back, on which side will the cat fall? The Nyan Cat is therefore a tribute to this joke, half cat, half toast.

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