Reddit Place - "Pixel War"

Reddit Place - "Pixel War" - Pixel Corner

A look back at this event which ignited the web and the online forum platform, Reddit, in spring 2022. The pixel war - or Reddit Place by its official name - is a project initiated by the platform in 2017. The aim is to offering a virtual blank canvas to Internet users around the world so that they can engage in a mega artistic battle by coloring it with lots of pixels. A sort of super smash bros of pixel art, where everyone can add their grain of sand to the building by adding a pixel of color every 5 minutes.

It was following the recovery of the event by Twitch and Youtube streamers that the buzz began to create, which led Internet users from all over the world to engage in a real digital battle for hours. At the center of the battle: the installation of the French flag in the left corner of the work. The Hispanic and American communities have joined forces to repeatedly attempt to regain possession of the flag, which they consider too large. French streamers also mobilized a huge community to create large portraits of Nepal and Zizou over the triumphal arch. The fight was fierce for hours, between French defenders and external aggressors. In the end, the French defense held on!

The experiment stopped after 5 days, on April 5. The platform having replaced the large virtual canvas with a white square of 2000x2000 pixels. The final work will perhaps resurface one day as an NFT who knows ;)

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