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Explore an astonishing creative universe

In the digital age where every pixel counts, pixel art is emerging as a captivating art form, offering novices a fun and accessible path of expression. For beginners eager to explore their creativity through carefully arranged pixels, the tutorials and our followable templates become valuable companions, opening the doors to a world where each pixel is a piece of an artistic puzzle.

Pixel Corner supports you throughout the creation process

Our pixel art tutorials for beginners offer much more than step-by-step instructions. They allow beginners to learn the basics and master advanced techniques. Through tutorials and templates, aspiring artists discover the intricacies of color palette, secrets of shading, and composition techniques that transform seemingly ordinary pixels into stunning works of art.

Select from our Collections or Create Your Custom Model

At, you have the freedom to select from our various collections, such as the Arcade( s) collection or our Icon( s) collection, but we don't stop there: we also support you in designing your own model by offering you the possibility to order sets of tiles in various colors, as well as the necessary grid and glue. For the best experience, we recommend creating your designs via a mobile app such as "Pixel Art Maker". Find all our advice in this article .

Pixel Art grid beginner tutorial

But why is pixel art so exciting for beginners and experts alike?

Beyond simply manipulating tiles, this art form teaches patience, perseverance and creativity. Every pixel counts, every color shapes a story, and every detail contributes to the whole. In a world often saturated with visual stimuli, pixel art encourages you to slow down, observe and appreciate each element, transforming the pause of each tile into a creative gesture.

Prepare to dive into a journey where the magic of pixels becomes the brush of a new artistic era. Welcome to the captivating world of pixel art!

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